My Babcock Ancestors

The Babcock Boys
(Taken about 1953)


From left to right:
Clarence Adelbert (Pete) 1918-1981,  Lawrence Dean (Larry)1932-1989 (My Dad),  

Vernon LeRoy (Vernie) 1924-1991,  Mary Stoddard Babcock 1890-1961, 

Victor Stanley (Vick) 1920-1984,  Robert Charles (Bob) 1916-1985, 

Herbert Eugene (Herb) 1914-1996


    These pages are dedicated to my dad  Larry Babcock. It was a few years after he died that I became interested in genealogy.  I wish I had started earlier.   He liked to say that no body wanted to dig into his family line, they might not like what they found.  Little did he know. He would be proud and surprised to know who his ancestors really were. 

  As every body knows genealogy is a on going project, you are never done.  I am in the process of working on the Fosdick line and hope to have it up soon.  Shortly following I hope to be able to post my Thompson then the Stoddard line so please check back often.  

     The information on these pages is a combination of my own research, internet sources and information obtained from family members. I have made every effort to provide accurate information and I am always searching for further proof and documentation to verify the information. If you have suggestions, additions or corrections to add to the information on these pages please let me know. 

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     Since: October 16, 2001